The self-publishing can of worms.

Agent number 73 was a no. They were all no’s. Not that I’m really surprised. Aside from my psychology award I have no noteworthy experience as a writer and, as many of the agents said to me, it is a very subjective industry. I suppose they need to take on well known clients, or people with some previous publication history, to know they’ll be able to sell the book. Sally Bloggs over here has none of that.

Never mind though. Initially I was well and truly gutted but after 150 rejections I decided my ego couldn’t take anymore battering so off I hopped onto the ever popular self-publishing band wagon.

Oh My God! Daunted is somewhat of an understatement. And that’s coming from someone who had actually done some prior research into the area. Nothing could have prepared me though. From book-signings to blog tours to facebook groups, and then there’s the cost.

Thousands of pounds to get your book into print format, the cover design, marketing, distribution, more marketing.

Its definitely not the easy way out that many people seem to see it as. There are (a lot of) people out there who think they can make a quick quid or two from posting their cheap looking novels in a few facebook groups, but that just aids in promoting a negative image of the self-publishing world.

To get to a decent looking novel in these groups you have to scroll down past tens of covers of half naked/fully naked people by which point you give up. In addition, the sites, even though having thousands of members, are all filled with authors competing for wall space so its unlikely your going to make a sale. It sort of reminds me of a virtual cattle market.

Overall, Self-publishing is by no means an easy way to earn some cash. The hours are long, the expense is great and you need to really love what you do to make it work.

Still, i’m hoping that the rewards will be there. For me it isn’t about earning money, although a few quid would be nice, its about doing something I love and creating something that others will love. 🙂




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