Hello world!

Hello. I have finally made it to the blogging world after much deliberation. Seems it wasn’t as complicated as i’d thought. I have two purposes in being here, firstly to support my writing career, and secondly to slowly develop a site to help and support people with mental health issues.

I’m an award winning psychology post graduate but I am new to the creative writing scene. I started writing short stories around 12 months ago and  I have found my passion, and skill, lie in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

I will be posting numerous short stories etc, in order to promote my debut novel Eden: The Eighth Day. The Series, Eden, is a dystopian, post-apocalyptic fantasy with a roman undertone and it is something I have thoroughly enjoyed writing and can’t wait until the day when i get to see it out there in the real world.

As for my other ambitions for being here, I would really like to give something back and put some valuable and personal experiences to enable people to, or at least begin working towards, overcoming limitations.

Mental illness can be so crippling and, for me at least, getting help for unseen problems has been a huge mountain to climb. The books cost money and never really do what they say on the tin, the wave of the hand in the doctors surgery because they don’t really know what to say, and the loneliness. How can you explain or describe something which hurts in your mind? (hey doc, the old amygdala’s playing up again today!) you don’t know what it is, you know it isn’t normal but you can’t describe it.

About 12 months ago I finally got through to someone and was diagnosed with having Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Bi-Polar disorder. Since diagnosis I have felt much more certain that I can still achieve success, the limitations being something which is possible to overcome and even capitalise on.

With every weakness comes and equal and opposite strength. That’s my belief at least. Although I may agonise for weeks over a mis heard comment from a friend, I can apply that very same overthinking skill to my writing. My preference towards perfection earned me awards for my academic work and hopefully it should pay off in my creative writing too.

Of course it wont always be so clear cut though, but my point is to make your life work for you rather than the other way round. Aim for the ideal but be realistic about your strengths and weaknesses.

I saw an image recently floating around on facebook where a monkey, an elephant and a lion are all asked to climb a tree. That is the perfect example of how our self-esteem gets broken in the first place. But if you can accept that you are not a monkey (hard, I know. They are pretty darn cute.) and that you are a lion than you might just become the best hunter out there.

An example could be ADHD. Someone with ADHD is always going to struggle in an environment where they have to sit at a desk and concentrate on a boring task all day. It isn’t fair to compare them to their colleagues. However, with a very active mind they may excel in presentations or in customer service. Just an example.

This is what I want though. Although I have postgraduate psychology education, I am still not a psychologist. That dream was replaced when my beautiful little boy came along in 2011, Now? I want to be mum first, but I still have this huge yearning to do something, to help in someway.

I have a strong in-built belief that while ordinary people can achieve ordinary things, exceptional people get to achieve exceptional things. If you’re ever in doubt just remind yourself of that.



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